Netizens starting to question IVE Yujin’s true height after seeing these unedited video

The height listed on IVE‘s Yujin‘s profile made netizens think twice.

Recently, an online video clip from the variety show “Earth Arcade” showed IVE’s Yujin dancing with rapper Lee Young Ji“.

Many Netizens noticed Yujin’s very tall height in the video.

Yujin wore a sundress that showed off her long legs and perfect proportions. She was standing beside Lee Young Ji, who has always been known for being very tall.

The Netizen also wrote, “They are both wearing nothing on their feet, but Yujin is taller than Lee Young Ji. Look! The height of Lee Young Ji is 175.5cm.”

Netizens commented:

How tall does that make Jang Wonyoung?

Besides being tall, she also has great proportions. Her head isn’t very big, her upper body isn’t very long, and her legs are very long.

She’s not over, but she’s only about 174cm tall.

Doesn’t it help that she’s tall? With her height, figure, and looks, she is so nice.

So jealous.

I think someone on YouTube said that Jang Wonyoung is 177cm tall, but I think she lied about her height on her profile to please her fans.

I’m so jealous TT. I wish I was 10cm taller at least.

That’s what I wish I had. TTTT.

The fact that Lee Young Ji is 175cm tall is even more surprising.

She has a lot of things. So jealous.

How tall then is Jang Wonyoung?

That makes me like her even more.

What are your thoughts?



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