Fans of K-pop group LE SSERAFIM can’t get enough of Kazuha, who has been described as “bubbly” and “cute”

She has always been a visual!

On November 3, a post on Pann is becoming a hot trend on social media with a title, “IMAGES OF KAZUHA FROM THE PAST”, referring to LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha.

Kazuha of LE SSERAFIM is making waves on the internet thanks to some absolutely stunning photos from her past.

The Kazuha that her current legion of fans adore possesses an endearing mix of cuteness and charisma.

Her pre-debut photos, on the other hand, reveal a more innocent and naive version of her.

She has always been stunningly beautiful; her big eyes, round cheeks, and cute smile have earned her comparisons to a baby bunny.

Many commenters noted that she resembles Suzy in the pictures.

Many online commenters have pointed out that, despite being Japanese, she seems to be channeling a Korean aesthetic.

K-netizens have posted a comment, “She’s so cute,” on Kazuha‘s photos, saying that she reminds them of a baby. “Even in old pictures, she still looks stunning,”She seems like she would have a number of friends, She appears to look bubbly and I bet a lot of people like her,” “I love Kazuha,” “She looks like she would make a lot of friends,” “She’s still as cute as ever, and I really admire her dedication and perseverance,” You’d be more accurate in describing her as a fairly Korean girl than a Japanese person. “One of the photos clearly shows her wearing a COVID-issued mask, and the other comments, “She was just so pretty. This demonstrates her inherent attractiveness.”

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