Jun Ji Hyun Is Announced As Burberry’s Newest Ambassador And The Photos Will Tell You Why

Jun Ji Hyun transformed into a human Burberry.

On September 7th, on the official Instagram of the magazine Wkorea, several photos were posted along with Jun Ji Hyun‘s feelings, saying, “Burberry has welcomed actress Jun Ji Hyun as the House Global Ambassador.”

In the published photo, Jun Ji Hyun is posing with a Burberry brand outfit and bag. Jun Ji Hyun , who is pure yet gorgeous, catches the eye.

She also adds admiration to the fact that she is the mother of two sons, and she has a perfect fit for Jun Ji Hyun‘s younger visual and model.

Meanwhile, Jun Ji Hyun appeared in the tvN drama ‘Jirisan‘ last year. 

Jirisan‘ is a mystery drama depicting the story of Jirisan National Park’s best ranger Seoi-gang and Kang Hyun-jo, a new ranger with an unspeakable secret, digging into a mysterious accident that occurs in the mountain.



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