Wanna Feel Old? The Girl From “Stairway to Heaven ” Is All Grown Up Now

Actor Park Ga Ryeong is speculated as the new member of FC Fire Moth. At the same time, interest in her age and appearance is increasing.

Actor Park Ga Ryeong is 35 years old this year. She made her debut in the 1999 MBC drama ‘Kookhee’ and started to make his face and name known as his child actor.

At the time of appearing in the drama ‘Kookhee’, Park Ga Ryeong showed impressive acting skills by appearing as the child of the main character, Kim Hye Soo.

Afterward, Park Ga Ryeong attracted attention by appearing as the child of Han Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee) in the drama Stairway to Heaven‘.

In addition to her, she has appeared in various dramas and movies, such as ‘My Parents’ Statement’, ‘When It Snows on Christmas’ and ‘A Thousand Days’.

She is also on stage, participating in plays such as Park Ga Ryeong‘s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Scar Bang’, ‘The Life of Galileo’ and ‘Rooftop Cat’.

Actress Park Ga Ryeong is believed to be a new member of SBS’s ‘Goal Strikers (Goal Women)’ FC Fire Moth.

Along with this, her Instagram account of Park Ga Ryeong is also being highlighted. In the past, he drew attention by posting videos of him exercising on his personal Instagram.

Fans of ‘Goal Girl’ are getting more interested in whether the new member of Fire Moth is the real actor Park Ga Ryeong.



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