Block B’s P.O Enjoys First Vacation Since Military Enlistment

Block B‘s P.O, who enlisted in the Marines, went on his first vacation.

On August 6th, P.O‘s official Instagram account posted two photos along with the caption, “Soldier Ji-hoon sent me a photo as soon as he left on his first vacation“.

In the published photo, P.O is wearing a military uniform and holding flowers, showing a bright smile.

P.O appears to have been photographed next to a railroad track near the military.

P.O, who was born in 1993 and is 30 this year, enlisted in the Marine Corps last March 28th.

In May, through the Marine Corps‘ official blog “Fly Marine Boy“, P.O‘s 1280 recruits, 5th training group 5th week training, were released and drew attention.

At that time, P.O, who was proud of his tall and dignified appearance, stood out even among the recruits.

Meanwhile, P.O‘s discharge date is September 27, 2023.



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