Yoo Seung Ho Who Made His Suprise Appearance To The Public Gets Lots Of Love From Fans

Actor Yoo Seung Ho made a surprise public appearance these days.

Yoo Seung Ho posted several photos on his Instagram on August 4th.

In the published photo, Yoo Seung Ho is looking at the LP. In particular, Yoo Seung Ho‘s mature masculine beauty shoots at her heart.

He attracts his attention by exuding hus masculine beauty with deeper eyes and watery looks.

Netizens who saw this showed enthusiastic reactions such as “My brother’s feeling has matured”, “The atmosphere has changed a lot after moving to YG”, and “Yoo Seung Ho is already 30 years old… I still can’t believe it”.

In April, YG Entertainment announced the news of the exclusive contract, saying, “Welcome to YG’s new family member, actor Yoo Seung Ho. YG Entertainment sincerely supports actor Yoo Seung Ho, who has solid acting skills and sincerity, who will be active in various fields.”

After signing an exclusive contract with YG, Yoo Seung Ho posted a pictorial of himself from last April to July and this month. Yoo Seung Ho, who feels comfortable with his daily concept pictorial, draws attention. 

Yoo Seung Ho, a child actor born in 1993, turned 30 this year. He completely took off his boy tee and grew into a full-fledged man.  

Yoo Seung Ho appeared in the KBS2 drama ‘Moonshine‘, which ended in February, and showed perfect chemistry with Hyeri. He is currently reviewing his next project.



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