Kang Ye Won Shutdown Rumors She Cut Ties With “Single’s Inferno” Song Jia

YouTuber Song Jia (active name Free Zia) showed off her unchanging friendship with actress Kang Ye Won, who was engulfed in ‘Stop Loss’, and attracted the attention of netizens.

Song Jia regrammed her Kang Ye Won‘s SNS post on her own Instagram in the early morning of August 1st.

Here, Song Jia went to Kang Ye Won‘s house to play. Kang Ye Won tagged Song Jia‘s account, leaving a message full of affection, along with a picture of her dog Julie, “A doll has come to my house. I keep looking at (Song Jia) Julie ♥ Sister, don’t go ♥”.

Previously, when Song Jia sparked a controversy over the use of fakes, suspicions arose that Kang Ye Won, co-representative of her agency, Hyowon CNC, had ‘stopped’ her. However, the two are still maintaining a strong friendship by volunteering together in May, four months after the controversy.



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