Actress Kim Da Mi Inked An Exclusive Contract With UAA

Actress Kim Da Mi has signed an exclusive contract with UAA.

On August 1st, UAA said, “I’m here with irreplaceable actress Kim Da Mi. We will do our best to support Kim Da Mi so that she can fully demonstrate her talent as an actress.”

Kim Da Mi, who made her debut with her 2017 movie ‘2017 Project With The Same Name’, broke through the enormous competition ratio of 1500:1 in the same year and took the lead role in her topical work ‘The Witch’.

At that time, Kim Da Mi led the film’s box office success with her stable acting skills and a unique atmosphere that was not like a rookie. She received rave reviews from the media and the public, and she swept the Newcomer Award at various film festivals, including Best New Actress at the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

After her successful screen debut, Kim Da Mi started to attack the small screen in earnest. She proved her acting skills and charm through her JTBC drama ‘Itaewon Class’, which gained her syndrome-level popularity in 2020.

Afterwards, she showed off her extremely realistic charm as well as the characterful acting of her previous works in the SBS drama ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, boasting her wide acting spectrum. This made her one of the hottest 20-something actors of 2022.

Kim Da Mi is an actress who can perfectly digest any role in any work with her solid acting skills and unique charm. Kim Da Mi, who is building a solid filmography across screens and home theaters, meets UAA and is expected to perform in the future.



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