“Running Man” Casts Were Embroiled In Controversy For Occupying The Parking Space Reserved For The Disabled

Running Man side is controversial because it broadcasts a parking scene in a parking area for the disabled.

In the SBS Running Man broadcast on July 31st, the members were scattered around Sangam-dong and received a mission to hide their large name tags in the desired place.

On this day, it is a mountain culture experience center located near Nanji Hangang Park, and the members who started the opening got out of the building after receiving the mission and prepared to move.

However, on the scene, the staff’s vehicles were parked in the disabled parking area outside the building, causing controversy.

The building is known to be closed on the day of filming, and even with the assumption that Running Man had a full rental, parking in the ‘disabled parking area’ could be a legal problem.

A fine of 100,000 won may be imposed when parking in a parking space reserved for the disabled without a parking sign available for the disabled parking area.

Netizens who saw this commented, “It’s a closed high school, and the parking area for the disabled should always be empty”, “Isn’t it okay if the entrance is blocked because it’s a full rental?”, “It’s too flexible”, “It must have been illegal parking if the parking lot was open even if you rented it.” “, “I had to be careful since I was exposed to the media”, etc.



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