Jeon So Min Who Is Allegedly Dating A Production Team Member Of “Running Man” Gets Teased By Casts

Actress Jeon So Min was once again embroiled in dating rumors in ‘Running Man’.

Following comedian Yang Se Chan, this time she was linked with the production team.

Jeon So Min raised suspicions that she was dating the crew on SBS ‘Running Man’, which aired on July 24th.

The problem was that she knew the broadcasting concept and PPL (indirect advertisement) one after another.

Yoo Jae Suk said, “Yesterday, Jeon So Min said, ‘My brother is going to wear a slave’s outfit tomorrow.’

Haha said, “I said I was hungry, so Somin said, ‘Oppa, come OOOO today’.”

The cast said that in April, Jeon So Min and the production team were once embroiled in dating rumors.

Although it was not included in the broadcast at the time, Yoo Jae Suk said in the recording, “Jeon So-min knows all the places where the recording is.”

Regarding this, HaHa said, “This is enough for a boyfriend. If you don’t love, you can’t know this in detail,” adding strength to the dating rumors.

Yang Se Chan asked, “Who are you dating? Where did you hear about it?” Jeon So Min laughed and said, “It’s just there.”

In the end, ‘Running Man’ PD offered a bounty. Regarding the dating rumors of Jeon So Min and the production team, the PD said, “If you find out who (who gave the information), I will give you a bounty. I will give you R-money (currency in Running Man) of 1 million won.”



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