Netizens Believe Park Eun Bin Was Cast So Perfectly In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” That No One Else Could Play Her Part

The viewers cannot envision Woo Young Woo without Park Eun Bin. In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, Park Eun Bin creates an additional character of a lifetime.

She completely filled the role of Lee Hwi in “The King’s Affection“, but this time she reveals a new side as an autistic lawyer, Woo Young Woo.

In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (written by Moon Ji Won and directed by Yoo In Shik), which debuted on ENA on June 29th, Park Eun Bin portrays Woo Young Woo, a brilliant and autistic newcomer lawyer.

Although Park Eun Bin is unfamiliar with the terms “autism spectrum” and “lawyer,” she is attempting to persuade viewers by portraying Woo Young Woo, who possesses both characteristics.

In order to portray this character, Park Eun Bin donned Woo Young Woo‘s attire and melted various details. She attempted to convey the autism spectrum in several ways, including finger movements and the appearance of wearing headphones.

Park Eun Bin stated at the press conference preceding the premiere, “When I first read the synopsis, I wondered, ‘How should I act this?’ I was ignorant of this. I was extremely circumspect out of concern for inciting prejudice. I frequently questioned, ‘Is this behavior acceptable?’ Instead of contemplating a course of action, I must first determine how I feel about the circumstance. I combined the sincerity of Eun Bin and Young Woo“.

Park Eun Bin also discussed her efforts to make her acting appear genuine. She explained, “I didn’t want to imitate the character portrayed by the media, so I chose not to copy. I viewed ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ as a piece that required caution and care because I feared approaching it incorrectly or creating false impressions. I thus studied via text“.

She added, “I researched the four diagnostic criteria for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. I also met with a professor to inquire about autism and learned some general characteristics of autistic individuals. The drama will feature Woo Young Woo, who is the result of my studies“.

In addition, Park Eun Bin incorporated her own voice, facial expressions, and even gestures into Woo Young Woo. In actuality, Park Eun Bin‘s efforts were manifest in the drama.

The manner in which Woo Young Woo enters a new world moved the hearts of viewers. Woo Young Woo, who begins his first job at the law firm Hanbada, faces an entirely new environment.

Even the revolving door is considered a challenge, leaving a profound impression on the audience. In addition, the fact that Woo Young Woo discovers something that seasoned attorneys were unable to see from an entirely different perspective drew attention.

It is also being considered how actress Park Eun Bin will portray Woo Young Woo, who made her debut as a lawyer by overcoming prejudice, in the future.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is anticipated to provide Park Eun Bin with an additional role of a lifetime.

Attention is also focused on the new world that Park Eun Bin, who has captivated audiences with characters such as Song Ji Won in “Hello, My Twenties!“, Lee Se Young in “Hot Stove League“, Chae Song Ah in “Do You Like Brahms?” and Lee Hwi in “The King’s Affection“, will reveal in her first one-top lead drama, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.



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