Nam Joo Hyuk’s School Violence Controversy Took On A Whole New Tone After This “Photo” Came Out

People are talking about a new post about the high school years of actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who is being accused of being violent in school.

On 1 July, Nate pann published an article titled “Hello, I’m writing this after reading an article about Nam Joo Hyuk.” The writer said he went to high school with Nam Joo Hyuk and said, “We were close in some ways because we did sports together and competed against each other.

This account then said, “When the school violence controversy came up, I didn’t pay much attention to those false articles once I heard that they had been hurt by Nam Joo Hyuk for six years,” adding, “But I think it was going in the wrong direction over time.”

He denied that there was violence at school by talking about three of the things that were in the post in support of Nam Joo Hyuk that another classmate had put up earlier.

The author said, “I’ve never seen anyone at Suil High School be the bread shuttle either“. He said, “I haven’t been in the same class with Nam Joo Hyuk since my second year of high school, and I’ve never even heard a rumor that Nam Joo Hyuk is violent and verbally abusive.”

Second, there was a rumor that Nam Joo Hyuk took a classmate’s smartphone and made a forced Internet payment with it. This article clarified that the person in the rumor was not Nam Joo Hyuk, but a student who was reprimanded for paying with his homeroom teacher’s cell phone.

Concerning the claim that forced sparring took place, he said, “If Nam Joo Hyuk was the leader of this kind of action, many students would have known, and of course the teachers would have heard about it.”

Lastly, this article said, “When Nam Joo Hyuk and I were in the same class, he was training to be a basketball player. I heard that he quit because he had to have surgery, but I remember that he often skipped class to go to a modeling school because he wanted to be a model. He was a friend, and I always saw him practicing his signature on an A4 sheet of paper or one of his textbooks so he could ‘use it later when I become a model’. When I saw him use the signature he had practiced, I thought he must have worked hard to get where he is now“.

This account sent the article with a picture of Nam Joo Hyuk at a soccer game when they were both in high school. He also posted a picture of his high school graduation album in 2013, along with the date and a statement that he was a classmate.

This is more reliable than the evidence from the exposing post,” Netizens said after reading this article. “I’ve never seen this picture from a soccer tournament before, and it’s even in an official graduation album. What will happen now? I hope the truth comes out soon,” “It’s clear harassment that everyone will know about if there are things like sparring and bread shuttle, but shouldn’t we wait to make a decision if two former students have already said there was no such thing?“.

But some Netizens had different ideas, like “How do you know that when your class is different from his?” “Aren’t you just guessing when you write this?” “Many kids bully without anyone knowing,” and “Isn’t bullying something that only the bullied person knows about?“.



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