Netizens Have Mixed Feelings Over Kim Ji Hoon’s Remarks About Learning “Busan” Dialect For “Money Heist: Korea”

Kim Ji Hoon told the story behind his use of a Korean dialect in the Netflix series “Money Heist: Korea“.

On July 1, Kim Ji Hoon held a video interview to celebrate the release of “Money Heist: Korea” on Netflix. He also did a Q&A with different media outlets.

He played the role of “Denver“, a simple, kind, and fiery person in the play, and his ability to speak in the Busan and Gyeongnam dialects made him stand out.

When reporters asked how he prepared to act in the dialect, Kim Ji Hoon said, “I’m from Seoul, so I don’t know much about the dialect“.

Kim Ji Hoon explained, “My original Seoul language seemed insufficient to express Denver’s simple ignorance and hot-tempered nature.”

He continued, “I thought the dialect was a good way to show who (Denver) was“.

He also showed how much he loved learning again by going to see rapper Simon Dominic to learn how to speak a slightly harsher dialect than the one he had learned.

Kim Ji Hoon said proudly, “I learned the dialect from the two of them, and the Denver dialect was finished“.

Netizens praised his efforts, but responded, “Are people who speak the dialect are with simple ignorance and hot-tempered?” and “It seems to be prejudice against the dialect“.

Meanwhile, the Netflix show “Money Heist: Korea,” starring Kim Ji Hoon, came out on June 24 and is getting a lot of attention at the same time.

The work shows an unheard-of robbery play in which robbers with different personalities and skills, including the genius strategist “Professor” (played by Yoo Ji Tae), fight against the changes that happen all the time in the background of the Korean Peninsula before unification.



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