BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Absolutely In Love With BIG Bags, and Whenever She Carries One, It Instantly Sells Out

Netizens are captivated by the bag that Jennie of BLACKPINK has been using recently.

Jennie departed Los Angeles for Korea via Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the morning of June 23, after completing her overseas commitments.

Jennie displayed her sophisticated style by pairing her black ensemble with a navy hat and white sneakers. Jennie‘s large Chanel handbag attracted the most attention.

This product was introduced as part of the Chanel Coco Beach Collection 2022. Denim was combined with Chanel‘s signature quilting design. Not disclosed was the price of the bag.

As Chanel‘s current ambassador, it is not uncommon to see Jennie carrying a Chanel bag. However, the reason why Jennie‘s bag became a topic of conversation was because it was not the bag she carried with her every time she traveled abroad.

When she had overseas performance commitments in the past, Jennie was spotted carrying a quilting bag by the Swedish brand COS.

The COS Recycled Quilted Oversized Shoulder Bag was so well-known that it was referred to as “Jennie’s packman bag” or “Jennie’s quilting bag” due to its extraordinarily large size, which allows it to hold a great deal of items.

In addition, the bag is reasonably priced, as its price is under 100,000 won. As soon as Jennie used the bag, it became unavailable.

Netizens commented, “Jennie looks so adorable with the large bag,” “The bag is even larger than Jennie’s body“, “Jennie’s packman bag is the ideal airline carry-on“, etc.



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