“Our Blues” Jung Eun Hye Revealed That She Experienced Harassments Before

Actress Jung Eun Hye, who played the role of Young Hee with Down Syndrome in the tvN drama ‘Our Blues’, said that she felt her popularity.

On June 17th, Jung Eun Hye shared her recent situation and a deep story in her heart in an interview with Sports Dong-a.

In fact, Jung Eun Hye, who has Down syndrome, opened up saying that people’s attitudes toward her changed after the drama aired.

Jung Eun Hye shocked me when she shared the discomfort she had experienced in the past, saying, “Before filming the drama, there were people who touched or harassed me when I was riding the train alone. I felt very bad at that time.”

However, Jung Eun Hye said, “I‘m so happy when I’m with people right now. Everyone says good things to me.”

Jung Eun Hye‘s father and film director Seo Dong-il also emphasized that the perception of Down syndrome has changed a lot after the drama aired.

He added,Jung Eun Hye is the same as it was before and now. But seeing people’s gaze and perception change due to drama, I felt the magical power of culture and art.”

Jung Eun Hye plans to convey a deep resonance to the audience through the documentary film ‘Your Face’ directed by Seo Dong-il.

Director Seo Dong Il is expecting another change through the movie ‘Your Face’, which will be released on June 23rd. 

He explained, “Films featuring developmentally disabled people always deal with dark and uncomfortable stories. But I wanted to make a bright film. I wanted to introduce an attractive artist, not a person with developmental disabilities.”

Director Seo Dong Il also said, “I am very grateful for this situation. I hope that through the film, people with developmental disabilities can move around without anxiety.”

On the other hand, Jung Eun Hye also expressed her gratitude, remembering that the actors Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin, who worked together in the drama, always took good care of her.

According to Jung Eun Hye, Han Ji Min and Kim Wo Bin praised her on set and always took care of her to keep her from getting cold.

Jung Eun Hye, who thanked Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin for even hosting her own birthday party, expressed her affection for Han Ji Min, who first asked for her contact information, saying that she is still exchanging messages every day.



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