Actress Jung Eun Eye Said Her Life Completely Changed After Special Appearance In “Our Blues”

Our Blues,” a drama on tvN, starred Jung Eun Eye as Young Hee, a character with Down syndrome. She said she knew she was popular because of how well she played the role.

In an interview with Sports Donga on June 17, Jung Eun Eye talked about what’s been going on in her life and told a deep story.

Jung Eun Eye, who has Down Syndrome in real life, said that people’s views of her changed after she was in “Our Blues.”

Jung Eun Eye shocked everyone when she said that she had trouble before she was in “Our Blues.” She said, “Before I was in the drama, when I took the subway alone, some people touched me or made sexual comments to me. I felt very sad.”

The actress then said, “But now I’m happy when I’m around other people. They all say nice things to me,” she said, pointing out the changes for the better.

Jung Eun Eye‘s father, film director Seo Dong Il, also said that people’s ideas about Down Syndrome have changed a lot since the drama aired. He also said, “Eun Eye is the same now as she was then. But I could feel the magic of culture and the arts when I saw how the play changed the way people looked at and thought about things“.

Director Seo Dong Il‘s documentary film “Your Face,” which is set to come out on June 23rd, is supposed to show how Jung Eun Eye‘s story has a deep echo.

Movies about people with developmental disabilities often tell dark, uncomfortable stories,” the actress said. “But I want to make a bright movie in which I can introduce myself as an attractive artist, not as a person with a developmental disability“, she said, explaining her unique goal.

Director Seo Dong Il also showed his excitement by saying, “I’m so happy with how things are right now. I hope that people with developmental disabilities will be able to move around in society without being afraid or worried.”

Jung Eun Eye also thanked actress Han Ji Min and actor Kim Woo Bin for how well they took care of her while they were filming “Our Blues.” Jung Eun Eye said that Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin praised her a lot on set and made sure she never got cold by making sure she always had her coat with her.

Jung Eun Eye also showed her love for Han Ji Min by writing a thank-you note to Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin, who threw her a birthday party.

As Jung Eun Eye said, Han Ji Min was the one who first asked for her number, and the two still talk every day.



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