Netizens Surprise By How Simple “Our Blues” Actress Kim Hye Ja’s House Despite Being Rich And Famous

People were surprised by how simple the actress Kim Hye Ja‘s house is on the inside.

On June 16, an article on the online community Ppomppu called “Kim Hye Ja’s Home Revealed on a Broadcast” went viral. On the broadcast, there were screen shots of Kim Hye Ja‘s house.

Actress Kim Hye Ja, who did a great job in the tvN drama “Our Blues“, which just ended, is getting attention again with her house.

Kim Hye Ja talked about her house for the first time on TV Chosun’s 2016 show “Life Documentary My Way“. Since the actress had lived in the house for so long, she felt especially close to it.

In fact, the inside of her house wasn’t as beautiful as many people thought it would be.

Compared to how well-known she was as a veteran actress, her house was quiet and simple. Kim Hye Ja had become rich and famous, but her house didn’t look at all fancy.

It’s been almost 20 years since this house was built“, Kim Hye Ja said on the show at the time. The attic in “The Diary of Anne Frank” looks like this. Like a place to hide.”

She said that she spent most of her day in her study corner reading scripts or books. She drew and painted in this room as well. Since her husband died, she has been living in this house by herself.

People in the Ppomppu community said things like, “Compared to Kim Hye Ja’s reputation as a great actress, this house looks too cheap“, and “It looks calm and peaceful. But it’s still a little too simple for such a great actress“, “Kim Hye Ja is a cheap person. Her look in the play is pretty close to how she looks in real life“, etc.



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