BTS’ RM And J-Hope Reveals Friendship Tattoo With Symbolic Meaning

BTS, which has been active for 9 years, boasted a strong friendship among its members.

While BTS members recently announced their friendship tattoo plans, J-Hope caught the attention of fans by revealing a tattoo on his Instagram.

J-Hope has the number ‘7’, the number of BTS members, engraved on his ankle. 

The tattoo seems to contain the meaning of ‘seven people one’.

Leader RM, who has referred to the members as ‘family’, also tattooed the number ‘7’ on his ankle on June 10th and posted a photo on social media.

RM, who was communicating with fans through a V-App live broadcast in April, became a hot topic when he mentioned that the members were planning to do friendship tattoos.

At the time, RM said, “(The members) thought of a friendship tattoo design. Various ideas are coming out, such as seven dots, the Big Dipper, and the number 7”.

At the same time, RM said that he would like to have a tattoo on his ankle and talked about specific areas.

Fans who saw the tattoo photos of J-Hope and RM expressed their curiosity, saying, “I wonder where the other members would have done it.”

Recently, BTS members have been embroiled in ‘disbandment rumors’ by announcing that they will focus on individual activities for the time being.

However, the members reassured the fans by decisively drawing a line on the ‘disbandment rumor’, saying, “It’s not about disbanding. BTS is forever.”

As if to prove this, the members even uploaded photos of their friendship tattoos, revealing their affection for each other, and touching the fans.

On June 16th, BTS first unveiled the comeback stages for the title songs ‘Yet To Come’ and ‘For Youth’ of the new album ‘Proof‘ on Mnet ‘M Countdown’.

BTS, who performed the ‘best in history’ stage, boasted unrivaled popularity by taking first place at the same time as their comeback.



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