Actor Son Seok Koo’s Failed Date And Why He Became a Planner Boyfriend

With his on-screen chemistry with Kim Ji Won in “My Liberation Notes,” actor Son Seok Koo has become a huge star.

An episode of SBS’ entertainment show “My Little Old Boy” featured Son Seok Koo talking about his former relationships and other topics.

During the program, Son Seok Koo’s unsuccessful relationship with a Canadian woman was disclosed. “It was Valentine’s Day,” he remarked.

To go to the island, we took a boat. Son Seok Koo stated that he was inspired to visit an island eatery after seeing a picture of it.

According to him, “So we took a boat there and the restaurant was pitch-black. So we eventually got on the boat and headed back.”

Seok Koo admitted, “I thought a lot about it and then realized it was not simple to go on the date” and said, “I need a plan”.

He said, “I’ve been planning, but I don’t think I’m very good at it,” in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the failure.

A variety of television and film roles have made Son Seok Koo a recognizable face in Korea. These include roles in “Sense 8,” “Be Melodramatic,” “Nothing Serious,” “My Liberation Notes,” and “The Roundup.”



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