7 Female Celebs Who Brought The Full Bangs Look This Year Like No One Else Could

It’s not easy to pull off bangs, but these stars’ incredible visuals make this hairstyle look fresh and new!

Many Korean celebrities have recently adopted the hairstyle because it gives off a youthful and cute appearance.

Short bangs hairstyles have become popular among Korean female celebrities, including actors, dancers, and more recently.

Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy’s soft and straight bangs are a recent addition to her hairstyle collection.

Her bangs look more natural and delicate because they have a few gaps between them!

Meanwhile, Red Velvet where Joy belongs released “Feel My Rhytm” last March 21, 2022.

Kim Ji Won

In Kim Ji Won, the “standard” for long bangs is upheld.

For Kim Ji Won’s puppy-like appeal, her thick bangs that are long enough to conceal her eyebrows are the perfect accent.

Meanwhile, she starred in “My Liberation Notes” which ended recently that received favorable reviews from netizens.

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie

Because of her Sanpaku eyes and her black hair, Minnie’s big bangs elevate her beauty.

This image’s feminine idol exudes an air of mystique.

For those with a long face, the full bangs style is ideal since it conceals your forehead and makes your face appear rounder and more adorable.


Lisa’s doll-like look is enhanced even more by her preference for bangs in her haircuts.

Lisa’s particular appeal and hip attitude are accentuated by the combination of blonde bob hair and full bangs.

Meanwhile, Lisa recently released her solo album “Lalisa“.

LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chae Won

Kim Chae Won’s large eyes are highlighted by her short hair with bangs.

By wearing all black, she exudes sophisticated elegance.

Hairpins can be used to accentuate Kim Chae Won’s hairstyle if she wants to look a little sexier.


NO:ZE, a dancer with long, straight hair, accentuates her sophisticated and stylish look with thick bangs and red lipstick.

Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung, who shares the same full bangs style as NO:ZE, has dyed her hair a lighter brown to give it a more refreshing and charming appearance.



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