4 Korean Stars Who Are A Part Of WJSN Bona’s Star-Studded Friend Group

WJSN Bona and her 4 close friends in the entertainment industry have now been seen in their proof shots.

Bona shared plenty of photos on her Instagram story on June 13th, all without a single caption.

Kim Tae Ri, Yeo Hoe Hyun, Min Do Hee, and BLACKPINK Jisoo were all shown at WJSN’s concert to support Bona, as were other members group.

Bona featured on KBS2’s “Girls’ Generation 1979” with Yeo Hoe Hyun and Min Do Hee, which ended in 2017. Friendship is still strong between the two of them, despite how long it has been since they first met.

Bona and Kim Tae Ri became close friends through tvN’s “Twenty Five Twenty One“, which ended in April.

During the filming of the show, Kim Tae Ri and Bona—who played national fencing representatives—were claimed to have promoted their friendship by fencing together.

Kim Tae Ri was the most popular attendee at the concert, and a number of sightings were reported online. It is stated that Kim Tae Ri, dressed in simple attire and wearing a hat, was seen cheering for Bona, making everyone laugh.

Jisoo from BLACKPINK was also there. The joyful faces of the two people standing next to each other are perfectly aligned. Bona and Jisoo, both born in 1995, are well-known in the entertainment industry as close friends.

The “2022 WJSN CONCERT – WONDERLAND” was held at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul on June 11th and 12th by Bona’s WJSN for two days to meet fans.



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