Actor Jeon Jin Seo From “The World of the Married” Updates His Instagram For The First Time In Two Years

After two years, actor Jeon Jin Seo, who played Ji Seon Woo‘s (Kim Hee Ae) son Lee Jun Young in the hit JTBC drama “The World of the Married,” gave an update.

On June 11th, Jeon Jin Seo posted a picture on his Instagram without a caption.

The photo of Jeon Jin Seo that was released was a big surprise. In the photo, he lost his breasts and looked more mature than when he was on “The World of the Married” in 2020, two years ago.

Even when he was young, Jeon Jin Seo showed off his celebrity poses just by standing still. He had deep eyes, a tall nose, and a sharp face line.

On the other hand, Jeon Jin Seo was born in Korea in 2006 and turned 17 this year. We know that Jun Jin Seo is “179 cm” tall.



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