Actor Hwang In Youp’s High School And College Yearbook Photo Proves He’s Barely Aged Since Graduating

A picture of actor Hwang In Youp from the past has been released and is getting a lot of attention.

Hwang In Youp is currently playing the part of Gong Chan in the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her.”

On the 11th, a photo of Hwang In Youp, who studied abroad in the Philippines, was posted on websites like Dimitory, where it got a lot of attention.

In the photo, Hwang In Youp has a unique look and feel from the cotyledon.

White skin, a tall nose, and sharp eyes aren’t so different from now. In particular, the size of the military ranks stands out.

Hwang In Youp went to Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School (PNJKIS) and is known to have studied art design at Philippine Women’s College of Davao (PWCD).

He may have even posed for his classmates when he was in the art design department. He was said to have been very popular at the time.

Hwang In Youp started out in 2018 with the web drama “Why“. Since then, he has become known by appearing in dramas like “18 Again” on JTBC, “True Beauty” on tvN, and “The Sound of Magic” on Netflix.

With the help of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her“, starring Seo Hyun Jin, he is becoming wildly popular.



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