For The First Time In Seven Years, ITZY Yeji Got Her Bangs Down

For the first time since middle school, Yeji, a member of the girl group ITZY, styled her bangs.

It was on September 9th that the second primary characters of “MIX&MAX” appeared on the “STUDIO CHOOM” YouTube channel.

The songs “Mix and Max” and “Break My Heart Myself” by Bebe Rexha will have Yeji and Ryujin giving skeptical performances. Inspired by the movie “Terminal“, they created a twin concept for the stage and used twin poses and dance to embellish the stage.

Yeji and Ryujin sit down for an in-depth conversation about dancing in this video.

Yeji‘s bangs drew notice in the teaser and MV, when they appear in the center of the video. In addition to her charming demeanor, Yeji‘s stylish appearance has only added to her allure.

When Yeji said, “I’ve not had my bangs down since middle school“, everyone gasped.

Yeji, who will be 23 in a few months, made his acting debut in 2019 when he was just 20. This “Mix & Max” performance video shows a completely different side of the female idol because she has never worn her bangs down since middle school.

We prepared everything, from makeup to outfits, with a lot of care for Yeji and Ryujin“, the crew working with them said in a spotlight video. “I’m sure they’d be recognized as twins by anyone who saw them“.

Mix & Max“, on the other hand, is an original episode on “Studio Choom” that features dance-specific celebrities performing together and talking about their choreography in depth. Yeji and Ryujin will release their “Mix & Max” video today.



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