Netizens Praised The Casts Of “Broker” For Their Outstanding Acting Performance, Everyone Was Shocked With IU

Broker,’ which won Best Actor at Cannes, has been released.

Broker, starring Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, Bae Doo Na, IU, and Lee Joo Young, opened June 8.

According to the Korean Film Council’s integrated computer network, ‘Broker‘ was a work with great anticipation from netizens, ranking first in the reservation rate by overtaking ‘The Roundup‘, which was holding the top box office place.

This piece shows the unexpected and remarkable journey of ‘Baby Box”s owners.

Hirokazu Koreeda, the ‘master of Japan,’ directed this film about abortion, desertion, and a new family.

Most ‘Broker‘ viewers awarded 10 ratings, indicating satisfaction.

“Bae Doo Na’s lines are lodged in my chest” and “Song Kang Ho’s acting is unsettling”

Some viewers stated, “I was impressed with IU’s swearing acting,” sparking curiosity about IU’s surprising turnaround.

Netizens complimented it for its outstanding directing and tragic development.

Some reviews said it was boring and disappointing, but most were positive, so the box office should be green.

The future of ‘Broker,’ which sparked a competition with ‘The Roundup,’ is under scrutiny.



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