IU Shares How She Feels In Working WIth Actors Song Kang Ho And Kang Dong Won In “Broker”

IU discussed working with Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won.

IU met Wikitree at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on June 7 to promote Broker.

Broker is a movie about a couple who bond over a baby box. IU plays Soyoung, her baby’s mother, alongside Song Kang Ho (Sang-hyeon), Kang Dong Won (Dong Su), Bae Doo Na (Soo Jin), and Lee Joo Young (Lee Hyeong Sa).

When asked how she was acting with Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won, IU said, “I didn’t realize it was true till Cannes.”

She stated regarding Kang Dong Won, “Seeing his face is odd. I was interviewing upstairs today, so I yelled “Hello” and he came in casually dressed with a bare face. Mystery, “She emphasized.

Then, “Kang Dong Won is distinct from other gorgeous and pretty people I’ve met. I used to think, What is that aura?. You must have heard a lot of (handsome) stories, and you may have a hard time yourself.”, adding, “I was fascinated, so I stared at him, but I couldn’t look at it too much.”

Soyoung originally revealed her feelings to Kang Dong Won’s Dong Soo. IU replied, “Kang Dong Won feels like a fellow-super during filming. Dong Soo felt like the most realistic and full character to me since he behaved, said IU, adding, “There is energy. No fakeness. You fit all roles. Kang Dong Won sunbaenim helped me.”

She stated about Sang Hyeon‘s actor, Song Kang Ho, “I’m nervous before meeting the senior. I wasn’t nervous throughout filming.

Then, “Song Kang Ho was usually there when I saw the finished film and thought, Ah, I felt more comfortable shooting then. I still can’t believe I went through it all.”



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