IU Revealed That She Was Afraid To Talk To Her Seniors During The Filming Of “Broker”, And Only Became Close After Cannes

IU talked about her feelings and experiences at Cannes.

IU was interviewed by Wikitree on June 7 in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, to promote the film Broker.

Broker‘ illustrates the unusual journey of those who share a baby box. Not only was she invited to the competitive portion of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival on May 17, but actor Song Kang Ho won best actor for the first time in Korea.

IU, who plays Soyeong, the baby’s mother, said, “It’s a great thing to the point that I used up all the remaining luck, so it feels like there was a lot of ‘careful’ and ‘don’t make any mistakes’ in Cannes.”

She grew comfortable with her co-stars a year after production ended. stated “I was afraid on set and couldn’t talk to the seniors much, but after Cannes, we grew friends. Now I can say, “Senior, thank you,” “elucidated

IU made an uncomfortable hand heart and grinned uncomfortably in a Cannes one-shot. The scene spread online, causing laughter.

IU noted, “I regret it. Even when I saw it, I looked stupid.” “When I’m there, a big camera gets close.” She said she misjudged how to look.

Then, “I was taught I shouldn’t be raised because I’m an idol, so I tried to make a heart, but the camera went to Jooyoung unnie’s side and crushed it, and I remember being shy. Fans made several memes,” she said, smiling.



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