Leaked Photo of Park Min Young In A Wedding Dress Made Fans Freaking Out — Here’s Why

A lot of people were taken aback when a picture of Park Min Young in a wedding dress emerged recently.

A picture of actress Park Min Young in a wedding dress and heading down the aisle has been making the rounds on the internet as of late.

The shot is really realistic, which is why so many people were taken aback when they saw it and thought the actress had actually tied the knot.

However, according to a number of different sources, this is only a scene for the future project that Park Min Young is working on, which is a Korean drama titled “MonWedFriTuesThursSat.”

Even though Park Min Young is just getting married in the show, many viewers started to believe that the actress was going to tie the knot in real life after seeing this one snapshot of her since she looked so stunning.

A snapshot taken at Park Min Young‘s wedding has gained widespread attention on the internet.

People mistakenly believed that Park Min Young‘s co-star, Go Kyung Pyo, was the lucky groom in the viral photo, therefore he earned a lot of attention as well after the photo went viral.

On the other side, there were a lot of people who couldn’t help but wish that Park Seo Joon had been in the image instead.

Since they co-starred in the Korean television drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” in 2018, Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon have been one of the most anticipated couples to be seen together in South Korea.

Even though the two haven’t been together in any other works, fans on the internet have been quick to point out “hints” of a romantic connection between them and have been certain that a relationship will be revealed at some time.

This led to allegations of a romantic relationship between the two, which began to circulate in the year 2018.

However, as of this moment, the agencies representing Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young have kept mute. Since neither agency has confirmed nor denied the allegations, we may assume that the ship will not capsize in the near future.

Since they worked together on the project “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon have been the subject of intense shipper speculation.



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