IVE’s Jang Won Young Revealed That Her Day Would Not Be Complete Without Soy Milk And Enthusiastically Imitates Soy Milk Commercial

IVE Jang Won Young showed off her extraordinary love for soy milk.

On June 2nd, on the YouTube channel ‘W KOREA’, a video of Jang Won Young introducing her favorite things was posted.

Jang Won Young, who was introducing the lens and card wallet first, suddenly took out soy milk from the bag and caught his eye.

Jang Won Young, who smiled brightly as if embarrassed by the sudden appearance of soy milk, introduced soy milk, saying, “I think the fans knew, but this is really a ‘steamed love item’.”

She said that she likes soy milk so much that she takes care of it without having to tell the manager.

Jang Won Young, who showed a lot of love for soy milk, suddenly said he couldn’t stand it and even put a straw in it and drank it, causing laughter.

Jang Won Young, who was enjoying soy milk deliciously, said, “It’s my ‘sniper’. But they said they like soy milk. I’ve heard people say why they drink it, and the reason is that it’s so delicious.” she continued talking about soy milk.

In the meantime, Jang Won Young exuded charm with a fresh expression and challenged the actions of a soy milk advertisement, making the hearts of fans flutter.

Earlier, Jang Won Young surprised everyone by saying that there is still a possibility that she will grow taller because her growth plate has not yet closed. 

Although Jang Won Young is still a minor, she is already 173 cm tall and boasts an amazing stature.

In addition, Jang Won Young, who drinks soy milk every morning and stretches, revealed a morning routine that has no other reason but to grow taller.



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