BTS Jimin Released An Apology Letter Amid The Unpaid Arrears In Health Insurance Premiums

BTS Jimin apologized for the controversy over arrears in health insurance premiums.

On May 2nd, Jimin shared his thoughts on visiting the US through Weverse, the official BTS fan community platform, and apologized for the non-payment of health insurance premiums that occurred at the end of April. 

Jimin said, “Thankfully and honorably, because there are ARMYs of various races, countries and cultures, I was able to participate in this event on behalf of you and raise my voice.”

“However, I thought that I, who came to represent you, was still too immature,” he added.

“I’m sorry for worrying you because of my immaturity. he continued.

Previously, a controversy arose that Jimin had been in arrears for health insurance premiums. 

It was reported that Jimin had his apartment seized by the National Health Insurance Corporation on January 25 this year due to arrears in health insurance premiums.

At the time, Big Hit Music, the agency of the agency, said, “In this case, the company received the mail that arrived at the artist’s dormitory first, and in the process of delivering it to the artist, an omission occurred due to an error in some mail.”

Jimin was unaware of the overdue due to overseas schedules and long vacations since the end of last year, and overseas schedules after that. ” the agency explained, adding, “I apologize for causing concern to the artists and fans due to the company’s negligence.” 

About a month after that, Jimin personally told the story.

Below is the full text of Jimin’s apology.

ARMYs, this is Jimin. How are you guys doing?

This time I went to America. You must be familiar with which event you attended. Thankfully and honorably, the presence of ARMYs of various races, countries, and cultures allowed me to represent you and participate in this event and raise your voice.

However, I thought that I, who came to represent you, was still too immature.

I am sorry to have caused you concern because of my inexperience during this time. In the future, I will do my best to become a more mature me so that you don’t have to worry about it.

You must have been worried because I don’t come often these days, but I’ll see you often.

I always miss you, ARMY.


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