Netizens Bash TWICE Nayeon’s Stylist for “Ruining Her Beauty” Ahead Of Her Solo Debut

TWICE Nayeon tried to change her style ahead of her solo career.

On June 1st, TWICE’s official Instagram account revealed many photos of Nayeon.

In the published photo, Nayeon, wearing a tennis skirt, is staring at somewhere with her bleached hair naturally hanging.

Nayeon drew the attention of the fans by making a round, striking, dark-colored cheek touch and creating a different feeling somehow. 

It may be a problem with the angle of the photo, but the cheeks feel slightly raised, giving off a different atmosphere than before.

Nayeon was still as fresh and refreshing as ‘Human Apple’, but some fans responded that it was a bit disappointing.

They voiced dissatisfaction, such as “The cheek touch was too much”, “Nayeon’s dark hair is pretty“, and “Twice change the makeup shop.” 

On the other hand, some fans expressed their opinion to respect Nayeon’s taste, saying, “Nayeon often touches her cheeks” and “If it’s about Nayeon’s age, the company doesn’t order it, it’s what she wants.”

Meanwhile, Nayeon plans to make a splendid comeback as a solo singer with the release of her first mini-album ‘IM NAYEON‘ on June 24 at 1 PM.

The new album ‘IM NAYEON’ refers to Nayeon’s real name, Im Nayeon, and at the same time, is an album name that double-expresses the confident meaning of ‘I am Nayeon’.


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