Kang Hye Won Takes A Ride On The Subway Station And No One Knew It Was Her

Kang Hye Won, a former member of IZ*ONE, revealed her easygoing personality by saying that she rides the subway during traffic jams. 

On May 30th, AtStyle’s June issue pictorial was published with Kang Hye Won. In this pictorial, Kang Hye Won showed off her innocent, pure, and lovely charms in a fairy-like figure, brightening the atmosphere of the filming set.

In an interview after the photoshoot, Kang Hye Won told about the current situation of being busy with activities as a singer, acting, appearing in variety shows, and running a YouTube channel after the end of IZ*ONE activities.

When asked if there are any activities she would like to focus on a little more in the future, Kang Hye Won said, “I want to focus on acting. I want to greet you with a good work as soon as possible.”

Although the group activities have ended, Kang Hye Won is still maintaining a strong relationship with the IZ*ONE members.

Even when asked about her role model, Hyewon Kang mentioned IZ*ONE without even a second thought. She expressed her affection for her members, saying, “I have learn a lot from them.”

Kang Hye Won is also famous as a ‘bad hand maker’ and ‘skinship villain’ among fans because she has such an affinity.

About this, Kang Hye Won said, “It’s a sign of intimacy. I tend to touch a lot when we get to know each other,”

Contrary to her innocent appearance, Kang Hye Won boasts a bubbly personality that is nicknamed ‘Gwangbae’.

She surprised them, especially when she announced that she often uses public transport, even when she is usually alone.

Kang Hye Won showed off her easy-going attitude, saying, “I ride the subway during traffic jams. No one recognizes me even if I get on at work hours.”



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