Actor Lee Min Ki Receives Praise From Netizens For His Acting In “My Liberation Notes”

The drama ‘My Liberation Notes’ came to a warm end with the moment of liberation. Actor Lee Min Ki, who led the story at the center of the play, received favorable reviews for renewing the ‘life character’ through this work.

In the final episode of JTBC’s ‘My Liberation Notes’, which aired on May 29th, Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Ki), who found her place like fate, began to walk the path of a funeral director, and Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Ji Won), who had always lived with an empty heart, finally found her inner self. A figure filled with love was drawn.

Goo (Son Seok Koo), who was afraid that happiness would lead to greater misfortune, changed little by little while finding happiness in life. 

My Liberation Notes‘ poses many questions about life, depicting a life that continues even after loss. Rather than dramatic events, it paid attention to ordinary daily life and detailed the emotional changes of the characters to make them permeate.

As well as the solid narrative, the actors’ passionate performances shone. Among them, Lee Min Ki drew attention for his acting that went back and forth between cheerfulness and seriousness. 

Lee Min Ki decorated the role of Yeom Chang Hee with realistic expressive power and detailed emotional lines, adding another ‘life character’ to the filmography.

He also showed his character’s color that goes beyond his seriousness and fun and proved his sympathy, as well as ‘complete acting’, which elicited laughter and tears.

Lee Min Ki has been playing the role of a tough but warm-hearted male protagonist through films such as ‘Degree of Love‘, JTBC’s ‘Beauty Inside‘, and tvN’s ‘Because this is my first life‘.

He excelled in comedy acting as much as he appeared in many romantic comedies.

He was praised for being one step ahead through ‘My Liberation Notes’. The reason was that not only the comedy but the inner acting was excellent.

Netizens commented, “This time, there was a lot of dialogue, but Lee Min Ki was Yeom Chang Hee himself”, “I think this work suits him better than Rocco”, “I saw it anew”, “I like Yeom Chang Hee rather than Goo”, etc.

After finishing the work, Lee Min Ki said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the viewers who sympathized with and watched ‘My Liberation Notes’ together with a family-like heart. I love you.”



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