LE SSERAFIM’s “FEARLESS” Continues to Climb on MelOn’s Top 100 Chart Despite Embroiled In Numerous Controversies

On May 2, rookie female group LE SSERAFIM made their debut. The girl group has been one of the most anticipated because all of the members have flawless visuals.

However, despite the great expectations, LE SSERAFIM‘s title single “FEARLESS” did not do well, failing to chart high when it was released.

Despite this, the girls continued with their diligent promotions despite a number of setbacks.

Perhaps because of the female group’s consistent efforts, “FEARLESS” has been progressively climbing the charts.

One netizen revealed the results of the girl group’s music chart rankings in an online community, revealing that the song had increased in Melon.

The song also climbed within 11th to 10th on Melon‘s daily chart. According to the netizen who made the post, it appears that Korean netizens are becoming addicted to the song as they listen to it more and more.

Netizens shared their thoughts:

  • I thought the song had no impact when I initially heard it, but I found myself listening to it again and over again without realizing it.
  • I listen to this song almost every day these days.
  • This song is seeing the light a bit later.
  • This song is excellent in my opinion.
  • I believe it will take some time for people to become addicted to this song.
  • I didn’t like the song at first, but it kept playing in my head.
  • I was disappointed that this song was not acknowledged, but I am pleased that it is climbing the charts.



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