Director Park Chan Wook Couldn’t Have Been Any Prouder Of Song Kang Ho For Winning The Best Actor Award

Song Kang Ho‘s award delighted director Park Chan Wook.

Park Chan Wook and Song Kang Ho were named Best Director and Best Actor, respectively, at the 75th Cannes Film Festival on May 28th.

When Song Kang Ho‘s name was mentioned during the Best Actor Awards ceremony on this day, director Park came up to him and hugged him. Park Hae Il also congratulated Song Kang Ho on his success.

Song Kang Ho stated in an interview, “When I got the award, director Park Chan Wook came running and hugged me, so it was extremely meaningful.

The moment I saw the director’s eyes, I was instantly captivated by the look he liked so much,” he continued. “Park Hae Il, who was by his side, felt the same way,” he recounted.

As you must have noticed, I ran across the hallway without realizing it,” Director Park explained. “Song Kang Ho has acted in numerous films, but I am delighted to see him win the Best Actor award.”



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