Netizens More Suspicous About BTS’V And BLACKPINK Jennie’s Dating Rumors…. Following A Simultaneous Instagram Post

BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V were engulfed in dating rumors, and they made a comeback by posting black-and-white photos on social media side by side.

Jennie and V posted black and white photos on their respective Instagram accounts on May 25th. It was the first post after the dating rumors of the two came out.

Jennie posted a photo of a pictorial taken with the members of BLACKPINK. Group photos were in color and individual photos were in black and white. After a while, V also posted a black-and-white photo.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “Openly starting Love Stargram?”, “They made a comeback with black and white photos side by side”, “Uploaded by an hour gap”, “Isn’t this enough to indirectly admit it?”

On the other hand, other netizens commented, “V originally posted black-and-white photos often”, “I think it was just a coincidence”, “The agency has not yet released a position”, etc.

Previously, Jennie and V were caught up in dating rumors on May 22nd when photos of dating sightings on Jeju Island were uploaded. In the photo, the two were driving side by side in the same car.

The authenticity of this photo was also controversial. Some netizens claimed that Jennie’s hair color was orange, citing it as a synthetic one.

However, it was confirmed that Jennie had dark hair through the pictorial photos posted.Jennie and V’s agency has not made a special position on the dating rumors.


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