Fans Debate If A “Bug” In Song Joong Ki’s Shirt Is “Real Or Not?”

It was pointed out that there were bug in the photo of actor Song Joong Ki.  

On May 20th, an article titled “Song Joong Ki was taking a pictorial and got bugs on his clothes” was posted on the online community FM Korea.

On May 31, last year, a photo of Song Joong Ki in a suit was posted on Song Joong Ki‘s official Instagram account.

In the photo, Song Joong Ki is sitting on a bench under a tangerine tree in a suit and staring at the camera.

However, on that day, a savvy Twitter user raised suspicions that Song Joong Ki‘s shirt had “bug on it“.

It looks like a bug, but unfortunately it’s not a picture of the bug sitting down. The shirt Song Joong Ki is wearing is a “Men’s Bee Embroidery Shirt” from the luxury brand Dior . The price is as high as 85,000 won. Dior also released a T-shirt with bee embroidery.

Netizens responded in various ways, saying, “It’s funny that Song Joong Ki wears it, but if it was me, I will wash it“, “If I wear it, it’s a real bug”, and “Why do I have to put embroidery like that?



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