Choi Jin Hyuk Resumes Activities After 8 Months Of Hiatus And First Appeared To The Public With “My Little Old Boy”

Choi Jin Hyuk (Kim Tae Ho) has returned in about eight months.

Choi Jin Hyuk appeared on SBS TV entertainment show “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on May 22nd. It introduced Yeongdeok Blue Road tracking with Im Won Hee and Jung Seok Yong.

On this day, his agency G-tree Creative said, “Choi Jin Hyuk, who had a time of self-reflection, is carefully trying to resume his activities,” adding, “He apologized and stopped all broadcasting activities right after he was engulfed in unsavory things last year.

Afterward, Choi Jin Hyuk said, ” I reflected on my mistakes and took time to reflect on myself so that this would not happen again,”.

Choi Jin Hyuk still has a heart of self-reflection. In the future, I will listen to any scolding and rebuke and engrave it deeply in my heart.

“I will do everything in a low posture”, adding. “I will go back to my original intention and show you a good performance.” I ask you to keep an eye on me with a broad heart,”.

Choi Jin Hyuk was put on trial in October last year on charges of having a drinking party at an entertainment bar where business is banned due to the fourth stage of social distancing.

Judge Kim Taek Sung of the Seoul Central District Court issued a summary order of a fine of 500,000 won to Choi Jin Hyuk, who was indicted on charges of violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act on April 29th of last month.



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