SHINee’s Key, A Chic Look In The Pictorial Sketch Cut, Overwhelms The atmosphere And Shows Off His Stunning Visuals

SHINee’s Key, who is active in various fields such as entertainment as well as idol activities, boasted a visual reminiscent of ‘Male God’ and radiated a unique aura.

Recently, Espoir drew the attention of fans by releasing a pictorial sketch cut of SHINee Key, who is working as a brand ambassador.

In the published pictorial sketch cut, Key wore an intense all-black outfit and showed off his chic eyes, revealing his soft charisma.

Key caught the eye by appearing with smooth skin that did not require any correction and makeup that emphasized the eyebrows clearly.

The appearance of unrealistically perfect height was reminiscent of the protagonist who tore out a cartoon.

The products that made Key’s charm in this pictorial stand out even more are Espoir’s ‘The Brow Balance Pencil’ and ‘The Brow Lifting Wax’.

Both products were jointly developed with beauty creator Minsco based on the customer’s brow concerns.

‘The Brow Balance Pencil’ is an innovative slim triangular shape from a narrow line to a wide side, so anyone can easily and stably express a brow.

In addition, the diagonally angled container with excellent grip feel comfortable in the hand, and the hard formula with a crunchy texture makes it easy to control the concentration, so it is produced without clumping.

Even beginners in makeup can use it well.

The Brow Balance Pencil‘ consists of 4 color shades that remove yellow and red. Even if you have dyed your hair, you can change it sensibly according to various hair colors.

‘The Brow Lifting Wax’ is a revolutionary product that strongly lifts up the eyebrows and fixes them for a long time without the need for a brow lift perm with a powerlifting waxer formula.

With a dual-type brush, it is possible to easily and conveniently lift eyebrows and finely separate each brow.

Like Key, using the two products together creates a synergistic effect to create the most beautiful eyes.

The response to the products from The Brow line selected by Key is very hot.

At the time of the pre-launching Naver Shopping Live with Minsco in April, the initial quantities of the main colors of ‘The Brow Balance Pencil’ and all colors of ‘The Brow Lifting Wax’ were sold out . We are running a reservation sale. 

In addition, from May 14th to May 16th, the ‘Espoir X Minsco The Brow Social Exhibition’ will be held at the Olive Young Online Mall, and the three-day best-of-breed benefits such as first-come-first-served gifts and special exhibition specials will help consumers who have been waiting for the product for a long time. it will be soothing


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