Actress Kang Ye Won Who Remained Silent In Free Zia’s Fake Controversy Returns To Social Media After 2 Months

Actor Kang Ye Won revealed her recent status after the YouTuber Free Zia controversy.

On March 31, Kang Ye Won posted a photo on her Instagram story, along with the post, “So cute Haetnim accidentally met while eating pork neck.”

The photo shows Kang Ye Won hugging her dog tightly. She also tagged her acquaintance’s account next to the photo.

In the second photo released, Kang Ye Won visited a restaurant.

The owner of the store said, “I couldn’t sleep last night, including my male younger brothers, due to Kang Ye Won’s visit. Have a comfortable meal.

Kang Ye Won replied, “Thanks to you, I make a living,” and Kang Ye Won revealed that the restaurant owner wrote “Yewon” on his arm, saying, “The boss has a good sense.”

In the last story post, Kang Ye Won unveiled a box of Chanel gifts, a luxury brand that seemed to have been given as a gift from an acquaintance.

She said, “I met him by chance, received a gift, and I’m going to sleep.”

Earlier, Kang Ye Won posted a post showing off her friendship on SNS as the co-representative of YouTuber Free Zia’s agency.

However, in January, when the controversy over counterfeiting over Free Zia arose, she deleted her posts and remained silent without a separate position.

At that time, her Instagram was also closed to the public, cutting off communication with fans.

In this regard, some continued to evaluate, “Isn’t it irresponsible?”

Since then, Kang Ye Won has shown her face on her agency’s official SNS in February. It was because of her feelings about the end of JTBC’s drama “The One and Only” At that time, she appeared thin and thanked her fans for watching the show.


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