Nayeon Reportedly To Debut As A Solo Artist

TWICE Nayeon’s solo debut is spreading in various online communities.

This is because, on March 23, JYP Entertainment registered a product called ‘Me/Mini 1st Album’ through Korean Net, a site that registers product barcodes.

Netizens who saw this commented that there are many cases where only the first letter of the singer is posted when registering on the site. SHINee’s Onew’s 2nd solo album was also raised based on the fact that it was released as ‘On/Mini 2nd album’. 

As a result, speculation arose that the product might be Nayeon’s solo debut album.

Fans are raising their anticipation, saying that Nayeon’s first solo album seems to be the right fit for JYP Entertainment because Nayeon is the only singer whose name starts with ‘I’.

If the speculation is true, it would be a member debuting as a solo artist 8 years after TWICE debuted.

This information spread rapidly on the Chinese website Weibo.

It has become a huge issue among global fans, with more than 111 million Weibo views in about 7 hours after the news was posted.

Netizens said, “I hope it’s real,” and “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Currently, JYP Entertainment’s official position has not been released.

Meanwhile, Twice is scheduled to meet fans by holding the encore performance of the fourth world tour held in February in Los Angeles, USA on May 14 (local time).


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