Shin Min Ah’s Still Cuts Of The Drama ‘Our Blues’ Were Released

Actress Shin Min Ah, who debuted in 1998, challenges her first mother acting through ‘Our Blues’.

In tvN’s ‘Our Blues’, which will be broadcast for the first time on April 9, actress Shin Min Ah is going to try acting transformation.

In this work, Shin Min Ah takes on the role of Min Seon Ah, who returns to Jeju with her wounds, and presents a completely different charm from her previous work, ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’.

In the still cut released by the drama crew ahead of the broadcast, Shin Min Ah is standing in the sea of ​​Jeju, where the waves are crashing.

Shin Min Ah looks like she is immersed in her thoughts alone. Shin Min Ah‘s hair blowing in the strong wind and tears falling from his eyes catch her gaze.

The lovely Shin Min Ah we used to know cannot be found.

Despite being a still cut that captured a fleeting moment, Shin Min Ah‘s deepened eyes and aura made her curious about Min Seon Ah‘s story in the play.

Above all, it is said that in ‘Our Blues’, Shin Min Ah challenged the role of a mother with a child for the first time.

What is the story of Min Seon Ah‘s separation from her child and coming to Jeju in the play?

Meanwhile, ‘Our Blues‘ is a collaboration between writer Noh Hee Kyung and director Kim Gyu Tae, who created well-made dramas such as ‘Live’, ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ and ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’.

It is known that Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah‘s real lover, will also appear in the drama, and it has been a topic of discussion since the production stage.

But the two don’t get along. 

In the drama, Shin Min Ah worked with Lee Byung Hun and Kim Woo Bin worked with Han Ji Min, respectively.


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