“Semantic Error” Actor Park Seo Ham Signs Exclusive Contract With Shin Ye Eun’s Agency Npio Entertainment

Actor Park Seo Ham signed an exclusive contract with Npio Entertainment.

According to Npio Entertainment on March 7, actor Park Seo Ham, who has been steadily performing with his warm visuals and stable acting, signed a new exclusive contract with Npio Entertainment and heralded a new leap forward.

An official from Npio Entertainment said, “We have signed an exclusive contract with Park Seo Ham, who is getting a hot response due to web drama ‘Semantic Error‘. With this contract, Park Seo Ham, who has made a full-fledged transformation into an actor, plans to further solidify his position based on the talents he has shown so far. In the future, as actors, we plan to design the second act together and give full support so that we can make the most of our potential so that we can jump happily in various fields“.

Park Seo Ham, who made his debut as KNK in 2016, has been steadily strengthening his filmography by playing various characters since 2017 such as web dramas “One Bite Season 2“, “Essential Love Culture“, “Only Romance 2 for 7 Days” and “Semantic Error“.

Park Seo Ham, who is preparing for a second leap forward as an actor, is set to join the military on March 10th.



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