Cho Yi Hyun Was Admired By Netizens For Her Goddess Appearance

Actor Cho Yi Hyun, who is famous for ‘The Unmatched Goddess‘, has a double eyelid line on his eyelids, attracting attention.

On March 1, on the official YouTube channel of the agency Artist Company, a video introducing what Cho Yi Hyun, who has recently become popular, was uploaded.

In the video, Cho Yi Hyun came out carrying a bag that was worn while filming Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ and KBS2’s ‘School 2021’, and fans paid attention to her beauty that stands out from her outfits.

Cho Yi Hyun showed off her innocent charm when she appeared with a deep shade of makeup on her eyes, and his fans focused on the double eyelid line, which had become darker than before.

In the past, Cho Yi Hyun has been called ‘the incomparable goddess‘ among fans because of her bright and big eyes even though she doesn’t have double eyelids.

Cho Yi Hyun received love for her cute, drooping eyebrows, calling it a ‘pretty puppy image’.

As Cho Yi Hyun got older, she had clearer eyes due to her natural double eyelid line.

Fans praised Cho Yi Hyun, saying, “More and more, her beauty is rising.”

On the other hand, Cho Yi Hyun took the role of Nam Ra in the Netflix series ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ in January, and established herself as a rising star.

Watch the video here:


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