BTOB’s Lee Min Hyuk Showed Off His Perfect Muscular Transformation By Throwing Off His Shirt While Exercising At Home

BTOB‘s Lee Min Hyuk, who boasts overwhelming physical strength, showed his affection for his body by saying that he was naked all day when he was at home.

BTOB members appeared on MBC‘s “Omniscient Interfering View“, which aired on February 26th, and revealed their daily life with the manager.

In the broadcast, the manager of BTOB testified that Lee Min Hyuk is very proud of his body.

As if to prove this, Lee Min Hyuk showed off his perfect muscular body by throwing off the shirt he was wearing while exercising at home.

He made food with his shirt off even after exercise.

When the cast members were puzzled by this, Lee Min Hyuk added that he was naked 24 hours a day when he was at home.

Lee Min Hyuk is one of the representative idol representatives who are famous for his vivid six-pack, strong forearms, and tight thigh muscles.

Taking a recent body profile picture, he showed off his white skin, beautiful appearance, and a statue-like body.

Fans who saw his unrealistic physique couldn’t help but admire him, saying, “The most beautiful body profile I’ve ever seen“.

On the other hand, BTOB, who made a comeback as a whole by releasing their 3rd full album ‘Be Together‘ after about 4 years after finishing ‘Brother Act‘, is actively promoting by appearing in various broadcasts.



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