Yoo In Soo Reveals That He Feels Lonely In The Set Of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ + His Shocking Hobby Was Revealed

Yoo In Soo revealed that his hobby is sewing.

On February 20, the YouTube channel ‘Ziping’ posted a video titled “All those who sell Gwinam X Cheongsan gather, and a heartwarming interview with a popular actor in ‘All of Us Are Dead’! Don’t you hate showing your face in the algorithm?”.

In the released video, Yoo In Soo was asked if he felt the popularity of All of Us Are Dead, and he replied, “People around me said ‘I saw you’, so I feel ‘it went well.”

When the production team said, “(During the play) other casts are spending time around, isn’t there a lot of scenes where Gwi Nam (Yoo In Soo) goes alone?

Yoo In Soo said, “In the beginning, there were many good situations that I had because I went alone.”

Yoo In Soo added, “Because I’m alone, I was able to concentrate more while filming, and if I did well, I created an environment where I could stay on, but when I had a break on filming, I felt a little lonely.”

“As the work progressed, I could see other people getting to know each other. Even in a group room, they talked about various things, and seeing it, I felt lonely. Still, I think I got a lot of help from the work.” he said.

Yoo In Soo, who said he was very happy every time he met other actors, shivered, saying, “It’s been a long time since we met, so if I try to talk to the kids after solving all the problems I haven’t been able to solve, they reject me because I’m wearing makeup.”

Regarding his friendship with Yoon Chan Young, Yoo In Soo said, “I moved and it was 10 minutes from Chan Young’s house. We got to know each other because we met. We met almost every day, talked on the phone every day, watched the night view, and spent all the time together.”

Somehow, I went to the lover’s course, but I only talked about the work and rarely talked about personal things. Chan Young is such a scholar, so when I try to talk about personal things, Chanyeong only talks about acting,” he added.

Yoo In Soo, a former track and field athlete, and aspiring fashion designer, said, “Rather than doing it professionally, I did sports because I liked dynamic activities since I was a student. Rather than studying fashion design, I worked on a sewing machine.”.


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