“All of Us Are Dead” Director Reveals He Feel Pressured To Meet Viewers Expectations Because of “Squid Game”

Director Lee Jae Kyu, who directed “All of Us Are Dead“, talked about the popularity of “Squid Game“.

Director Lee Jae Kyu cautiously said in an interview with Netflix‘s original “All of Us Are Dead” (written by Chun Sung Il, directed by Lee Jae Kyu) on the morning of February 7th, “It is also true that the invitation of “Squid Game” is burdensome“.

Director Lee Jae Kyu continued, “When ‘Squid Game’ was first released in September, didn’t an explosive response occur after hearing worldwide favorable reviews?”, adding, “At that time, I was very surprised and happy“, he said.

Director Lee Jae Kyu said, “I was close to director Hwang Dong Hyuk, so I thought about texting him“, adding, “As a friend, I texted him, ‘My work is going out next year, but I’m dying of pressure because of the Squid Game’, and he replied, ‘What’s the pressure, I just left the door slightly open. Don’t feel pressured and just do it’“.

He continued, “Rather, he told me an anecdote saying, ‘Thank me’, and said, ‘Nevertheless, it is true that it is a burden. It is more burdensome to be compared with the Squid Game, an insurmountable four-dimensional wall. However, it seems true that many people around the world have become interested in Korean content through “Squid Game”. Since the window is slightly opened, good Korean works must be delivered continuously through the open door. I think, in that sense, I hope your work will succeed the Squid Game’“.

Unlike Director Lee Jae Kyu‘s exaggeration, “All of Us Are Dead” has topped the world at the same time as it was released and has maintained its top position for nine consecutive days already. It is 323 points ahead of “Black Desire“, which is ranked second in terms of Flix Patrol.

Regarding this popularity, director Lee Jae Kyu said, “It’s amazing that so many people talk positively and have fun. When I heard that I was the world’s No. 1 player, two years passed by like a flash. I never expected this to happen. I was expecting that they would feel the emotions and stories contained in the work, but I didn’t expect the work to go this well“.



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