Nam Da Reum’s Mother Write A Short Post To Fans Announcing News Of His Enlistment

Actor Nam Da Reum, who turned 21 this year, is about to enlist in the military.

On January 31st, on Instagram run by Nam Da Reum‘s mother, a short post was posted along with a picture.

First, the mother, who delivered New Year‘s greetings, said, “My son, who has never been away for more than 3 days after giving birth, is planning to leave the house for 18 months starting next week.

She continued, “Since he was young, he already planned ‘I will go to the army as soon as I turn 20’, and even though it has been delayed for a year for various reasons, it’s a big deal because I don’t think I’ve fully prepared my mind yet.”

She added, From the day when the date of military enlistment was set last fall, people around me worry more about as a mother sending his son in the military than my son who will join the military“.

As always, she concluded, “Please support Dareum so that he can go through it well.”

His mother also announced through a hashtag that her son’s enlistment date will be on February 8th.

Meanwhile, Nam Da Reum made his debut as a child of Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong) in KBS2‘s ‘Boys Over Flowers’, which aired in 2009.

Since then, he has appeared on SBS‘ “Six Flying Dragons,” “While You Were Sleeping” and tvN‘s “Startup,” drawing attention to the small screen.

Recently, Nam Da Reum played the role of Seung Tae, the only son of Man Su (Cha Seung Won) in the movie ‘Sinkhole’.



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