2PM’s Junho Reveals The Secret To Achieve His Solid Abs In “The Red Sleeve”

Lee Jun Ho, a member of the group 2PM and actor, delivered the behind-the-scenes of “The Red Sleeve

MBC‘s “Grab The Red Sleeve” which aired on January 31st, featured 10 leading actors of “The Red Sleeve” including Lee Jun Ho, Lee Se Young and Lee Duk Hwa.

Lee Jun Ho, who revealed his solid abs in “The Red Sleeve” said he had only eaten chicken breasts and sweet potatoes for a year.

Lee Jun Ho explained in detail, “I have been eating chicken breast from January last year until the end of the year.

Lee Jun Ho, who couldn’t eat with other actors and ate only in the car, said, “I don’t think I ate to show a sharp look.

Lee confessed that he didn’t even drink water on the day before the shooting of the bath scene.

He surprised everyone by saying, “I was trying to dry out the moisture. I was not in good shape on a regular basis, so I didn’t drink water to maximize it.

Lee Se Young, who saw Lee Jun Ho‘s abs, said, “I didn’t want to see Lee Jun Ho because I thought he would be embarrassed if I looked at him too much.

At the same time, Lee Se Young gave a thumbs up as to Lee Jun Ho‘s abs, saying, “It was well-maintained.



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