7 Celebrities Who Are Kind And Helpful To Their Families “I recently paid off all the debts I had in the house.”

There are celebrities who have quietly walked without giving up on their dreams even in difficult family circumstances.

They say that happiness comes after hard work, and they achieved great success by working hard from a young age.

Stars who can afford it financially have been a great help to their parents by paying off their family debts.

We have gathered together celebrities who are likely to be delighted by their relatives whom they met during the holidays by raising a difficult family.


Because IU’s mother gave the wrong guarantee, the family fell into debt in an instant.

Although the family environment was not good enough to live apart from the family, IU overcame adversity and succeeded in debuting.

As IU rose to stardom in 2010 with ‘Good Day‘, she started acting and became a big star with annual sales of 10 billion won.

As a result, IU paid off all her family debts just three years after her debut.

Jeong Eun Ji

Apink’s main vocalist Jeong Eun Ji paid off all her household debts with the income she had accumulated for three years after her debut.

Jeong Eun Ji said in an interview in the past that paying all the debts of her family was the happiest moment for her after her debut.

Jeong Eun Ji, who has been thriving for a long time because of the love of fans, appeared on TVING original series ‘Drunk City Women’ last year.

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon had a difficult life in a single basement room due to the sudden business failure of his parents in the past.

‘Even my mother suffered a tragic accident in which she injured her eardrum while suffering from debtors.’

After his debut, Jo Kwon worked so hard and asked his agency to hold all possible entertainment programs and events.

Jo Kwon, who worked so hard, used his first advertising revenue to sign a contract for an apartment in his mother’s name, receiving applause from fans.


Hyeri, who debuted as Girl’s Day in 2010, is also a representative of filial piety in the entertainment industry.

From an early age, Hyeri lived in a difficult family situation to the point of being separated from her dual-income parents.

However, she was active as an actor and commercial model, and with the income she earned, she succeeded in providing a home for her family.

After that, Hyeri gave her father a luxury car.


Chungha, who has established herself as a female solo singer, has also been a great help to the family.

In 2019, Chungha said on a TV show, “I recently paid off all the debts I had in the house.”

Chungha also showed off her filial piety, saying that she gave an expensive bag to her mother who did not use it even if she paid for it. 


Zico also said in a broadcast in the past that he used billions of dollars of income to pay off his family’s debts.

At the time, he said, “I spent hundreds of millions of won in music revenue to pay off debt. It took a long time to pay it off.”

Zico also revealed his filial piety, saying, “It was difficult at home, but my parents worked hard to make me do what I wanted to do.” 

Lee Soo Min

Lee Soo Min, who has made a mark on the public through children’s programs since school days, said that he had a lot of difficulties due to his difficult family circumstances.

Fortunately, in 2014, at the age of 13, EBS1 ‘Live Broadcast Tok! Tok! Boni Hani’s circumstances began to improve as he became famous after being selected as the MC.

At the age of 16, he paid off all his parents’ debts and started a family.


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